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IQ OptionIQ Option Review: Is IQ Option the Best Binary Options Broker for 2017? Are you looking for a comprehensive IQ Option review? You have come to the right place. Without doubt the most important decision when getting started with binary trading is choosing a suitable, high quality service provider like IQ Option broker. It’s no secret that the binary signals market is absolutely swamped with both scams and low quality products, and for the inexperienced trader selecting an appropriate site can be a real headache. The good news is that there are some genuinely very high quality services out there. One of these is IQ Option broker – a very popular and well-regarded service which shall be the focus of this in-depth and totally impartial IQ Option review.

IQ Option Broker Basic Info – Reviewed!

Founded 2013

Regulation CySEC

Withdrawal 1 business day

Withdrawal Methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller and Boleto

Minimum Deposit $10

Minimum Investment $1

Maximum Returns 91% *Amount to be credited in case of successful trade

Assets Currency pairs, Stocks, Indices and Commodities

Countries Accept all countries except USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran

Demo Account Yes

Mobile Application iOS and Android

Trading Platform Web-browser and standalone app

Support 24/7

Unique Features Of IQ Options Broker Reviewed!

1) Industry Leading High Payouts

Without doubt one of the most impressive stand-out features of the entire IQ Option review platform has to be their very high payouts. These are typically 5-15% higher than the industry average which may not sound a huge amount to a newcomer, but over a hundred trades the difference in potential earnings can be staggering. Option prices range from $1-$5000.

2) Very Small Minimum deposit/Investment

IQ Option Company has been created to be as welcoming as possible to curious traders, and as such offers perhaps the lowest minimum investment requirements perhaps anywhere on the market. Traders can be signed up and trading for a mere $10 minimum deposit, and make investments for as little as $1 a time. For this, and as we’ll see a number of other reasons, IQ Option review account is a superb choice for everyone. Let me also add you can simply avoid IQ Option scam rumors. There is no way this giant binary options broker being a fraud company.

3) Intelligent Emscripten Displays

Another great feature and an innovative solution to a longstanding problem is the use of Emscripten technology. This allows up to nine charts to be displayed on the same page – meaning there’s no need to constantly be flicking and switching between numerous tabs. In an IQ option real account the individual screens can be set to various sizes as required, and to put it simply this is pretty much on par with professional standard trading technology.

4) A Superb Interface

Our authentic IQ Option review finds that it has the industry’s best interface. Any self-respecting trader will understand the importance of having not just a huge amount of statistics at hand, but also appreciate how well their service provider is able to present them. One of the stand out features of IQ Option platform is that it presents such data through an absolutely beautiful interface. Their latest software – IQ Option 4.0 – is based upon WebGL technology that presents data in a quasi-3D format. It really has to be seen to be understood properly (check out the free trial below) but as far as presenting data it must be said that the IQ Option software is extremely impressive.

5) Comprehensive Technical Indicators

Currently Fibonacci Lines have been enjoying something of a surge of popularity in the world of binary trading. The good news for enthusiasts of this system is that the IQ Option 4.0 interface provides total compatibility for this style of trading. The same can be said for the much more straightforward, but many argue just as useful, Bar Lines analytic system. Bar lines are quicker to assess as they show not just the opening and closing price but also the maximum price over the course of a days trading.

6) All The Data You’ll Ever Need

The IQ Option review system comes complete with two years of historic data covering all of the available trading options. these can be viewed over various timescales and zoomed in for a precise analysis of market movement, or zoomed out to assess longer term trends. Conveniently it’s also possible to buy straight from the analysis section, meaning that trades can be made in mere seconds.

Candlestick data analysis is available from just a few seconds up to a month. Investments are tracked in precise detail and include a projected profit estimate on the same screen page. For more advanced traders the IQ Options broker also includes highly technical data analysis such as Parabolic Sar, MACD, Awesome Oscillator, and Stochastic Oscillator. Learning how to use these techniques can really help with strategic trading – check out the main IQ Option website for of plenty comprehensive tutorials.

7) More than 500 assets

Despite the industry leading data analysis tools available through the IQ Option review software package, at heart the practicalities of trading are very simple. The focus is firmly upon high/low and turbo seconds trading. For the unfamiliar turbo trading is when dealing in a very short time frame, usually between 30-300 seconds. None of the brokers we reviewed has this advantage.

The four assets available for trading via IQ Option Broker are Currencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices with a total choice of just over a hundred options available. While this may not be an overwhelming number, the important thing is that all of the key exchanges/markets that a newcomer would expect to be available are there. Our IQ Option review finds that very advanced traders may feel that the range of assets available to trade is a little limited, but for the vast majority of casual traders there should be more than enough to work with.

IQ Option Tournaments* – Best IQ Promotions from Broker!

IQ Option broker has a lively tournament* scene with there usually being at least four or five events running concurrently. Sometimes these may last for just a couple of days, in other cases they can continue for several weeks. Entry fees vary depending upon the competition, but usually these range from between $5-$20 as standard (the longer events are usually more expensive to enter as they typically have the greatest prize fund).

TournamentsEntry fees are deducted from the client’s account balance and once accepted into the event the player is given a virtual trading kitty – $100 is the usual amount. Their task is then to make as much money (or ‘bank’ as it’s often referred to) over the given time. Should a player go bust, some tournaments* allow players to buy back in. Prize allocations vary between events, some are winner takes all and others have a tiered prize allocation depending upon the player’s final placement. You can only participate in these once you open a IQ Option real account.

IQ Option Platform

The IQ Option 4.0 software is exclusive to members of this service. The software can be used either as a standalone program or via a mobile app. The IQ Option app is available for both IOS and Android devices.

It’s worth taking the time to mention that the IQ Option App is an award-winning piece of software and widely regarded as among the very best platforms for mobile trading. It has been designed to include all of the tools and data available via the main format, but presented in such a way as to make setting up and conducting trades extremely straightforward. As would be expected it has been configured to be very easy to use, and skillfully avoids the clutter and over complication that unfortunately limits many trading apps. Best mobile trading platform in many countries and would you still believe IQ Option scam rumors?!

IQ Option Demo Account

iq-option-demo-accountOne of the most praised aspects of the IQ Option review platform is the superb quality of their free demo account. There’s absolutely no catch with this demo software. Unlike many other services which require a hefty deposit in order to even try out their software, IQ Option binary options broker treat their demo software more akin to an online game. All that the prospective trader needs to do is register an account (email, Google or Facebook) to gain full and unlimited access to the app; and then start trading with a fantasy budget. There’s no need or obligation to deposit or trade a single penny.

Obviously this IQ Option demo account is a much more sensible approach than expecting people to deposit up to $250 just for the privilege of testing out a trading program. There’s none of the hassle of then having to withdraw the funds and waiting sometimes days for them to return to your account – instead with the IQ Option trial it’s laid out right before you and ready to go in moments.

Without wishing to get distracted from the key points of this IQ Option review, it is worth taking a quick moment just to emphasize how important their demo policy is. Not only is it a fantastic free introduction to binary trading that’s absolutely perfect for all traders, but it also carries the whole ethos of what IQ Options are all about.

Pricing & Minimum Deposit Requirements

Make no mistake IQ Option is without question one of the very best value binary service providers out there. It’s an absolutely fantastic choice for all traders thanks to the very low initial deposit requirements. Regardless of initial deposit and subsequent account status, there are no charges levied at any stage for membership to IQ Option.

In order to start trading and get an IQ Option review real account, the minimum initial deposit is just $10. This is staggeringly good value when the vast majority of rival trading services expect $250+ as minimum start-up capital.

IQ Option’s Regulations

IQ-option-RegulationIt’s always reassuring to see that a binary trading service is comprehensively regulated. This is absolutely the case with IQ Option which is licensed by CySEC (License no. 247/14). This gives citizens of the EU complete cover.

As would be expected from such a popular global service IQ Option binary options system is one of the most water-tight regulated services going. Do note that due to local laws the IQ Option software is not available for use in Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Syria and Sudan. There are also certain local restrictions with using the mobile app – users from Malta cannot trade on the IOS app, and users from Malta, Myanmar, Lichtenstein, Cuba cannot trade on the Android app.

Conclusion – IQ Option Broker is Trusted and Recommend, Its No Scam.

It’s difficult – no impossible – not to be very impressed indeed by the IQ Option binary broker service. It has literally everything which a casual trader would be looking for to compete at a professional standard. But by no means is this a ‘Jack of all trades’ package – in certain ways the IQ option review program genuinely leads the way. For value it’s pretty much unbeatable, same too for accessibility, ease of joining and offering a world-class unlimited free demo. Perhaps the number of options may be slightly limited for more advanced traders – but by my estimation what IQ Option have to offer will be more than enough to satisfy 95% of users.

IQ Options is without question one of – and quite possibly – the best binary options broker out there. Hope this well-informed IQ Option review was helpful.

IQ Option Review
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